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Perskaičiau įdomų straipsnį apie fotografijos mitus: paaiškinimai gana sudėtingi, todėl patiks labiau besidomintiems. Anglų kalba. Galima siūlyti ir savo mitus bei jų paneigimus :)

Common photography myths
There are a number of general statements about photography passed off as “the truth”. They are repeated again and again in introductory texts about photography and on the Internet. Repetition, however, doesn't make a false statement true. Here are the most common myths I've encountered:

1. Autofocus works by measuring the distance to the subject
2. Unlike linear polarizers, you don't have to turn circular polarizers
3. A 50 mm lens on 35 mm systems is called “normal” because it delivers about the same view as the human eye
4. Infrared films record thermal radiation
5. Wide-angle lenses distort the image
6. Flash range is increased when using positive flash exposure compensation
7. The shorter the exposure time, the faster the shutter
8. Different focal lengths create different perspectives
9. Tele-photo lenses have a shallow DOF
10. Macro lenses are only sharp at close distances
11. Digital cameras have a deeper DOF than film cameras
12. Medium format lenses have a higher resolution than 35 mm lenses
13. Using a TC results in different DOF than using a longer base lens
14. Depth of field around the focus distance is 1/3 towards the camera and 2/3 away from the camera



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